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Employee evaluation

360 degree feedback module

According to a wide consensus, 360-degree feedback is the preferred method when there are no direct methods for measuring productivity or when it is not enough. It allows both to compare the self-image of a leading employee with an evaluation by others, and to balance visions of the line manager, subordinates, colleagues and, possibly, clients. CreaTest 360 degree feedback module ensures anonymity, allows to view and edit the list of the employees to be evaluated, as well as to continue not finished forms whenever possible.

Development of competency models

Knowing the prerequisites for success in the profession is a must to evaluate the professional suitability and behavior. Competency models is a detailed and well-tried approach. However, a correct process of competency evaluation is needed! For the competency model to fulfil its promise, it must be adapted to the special situation of the organization and developed in accordance with the best models.

Psychological portrait of an employee

A detailed psychological portrait of an employee is a valuable tool to make sure the employee, candidate or yourself are suitable for a certain profession or career options. CreaTest specialists will organize a thorough analysis with interviews, psychological tests, and prepare a psychological assessment document.

Consultations on employee and candidate evaluation

We offer advice on how to evaluate employees and candidates for various positions with the best price and quality ratio. This is done using the knowledge on predictive validities of various methods and procedures.
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