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OKI™ - Organisational culture inventory

Organisational culture is one of the main factors for organisational effectiveness, business results. OKI™ is a comprehensive method allowing to evaluate the organisational culture in 7 dimensions and 21 subdimensions. It allows to understand strengths and weaknesses of the organisation as a whole and its subdivisions, as well as to improve the communication strategy in the organisation and to prepare for change.

Work motivation inventory

You may have perfect employees but the results will depend on their motivation to use their abilities in the direction valuable for the organisation. The analysis of employee motivation is an objective assessment of what motivates the employees in the organisation, what are its disadvantages and which steps would give the highest performance boost.

Ad-hoc research

One of the main advantages of CreaTest is our high analytic potential valuable in the non-standard situations - and that basically covers all of them. We have a deep understanding of data and their structures, statistical methods, as well as many years of experience. Detection and analysis of hidden factors, knowledge on advantages, drawbacks, and limits of quantitative and qualitative research methods allows to develop a research corresponding the situation the best, as well to analyse the obtained data in a comprehensive manner.
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